There is a new and bold beer headed your way

Makena Njeri wants you to take a chance on her new “bold” beer.

Makena (Christine) Njeri is a confident, resourceful woman, and that is how she was able to launch the Bold Network Africa. What Bold Network Africa is, is a commitment to telling real and inspiring stories of the African queer people. Barely a month after Makena launched the platform, she is unveiling a new home-brewed beer.

The beer is called Bold and is in conjunction with 254 Breweries. 254 Breweries is responsible for local beers such as Golden Rump, Sand Trap and The Double. The Bold beer is very intentional with Makena wanting to continue to demystify stereotypes and encourage acceptance in the continent and around the world. “I went to the amazing 254 breweries to ask if they would be BOLD enough to make a beer ? that will change the lives of many people in the community because this will be a reminder that every time you choose to be bold the universe dances to your tune! ” said Makena about the brew.

When it comes to the taste, Miss Njeri explains it simply as a “bold” one. “Everytime you purchase this work of art you will be changing someone’s life” – Makena.


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