This love ya Nameless na Wahu

Two songs about the two sides of love

Nameless and Wahu have each released a song showcasing the two sides of love. In Nameless’ version called “This Love ya Nameless”, he sings about a love tainted by arguments and broken communication while in Wahu’s version called “This Love ya Wahu”, she sings with joy about the abundance of love and happiness in her own relationship. 

Although Wahu and Nameless are married in real life, they don’t appear together in the Music videos until the end. The role of Nameless’ love interest is played by Chiki Onwekwe while Wahu’s love interest is played by Bien-Aime Baraza. (Just so you know, Chiki and Bien are together in real life.)

The songs have been received with favourable reviews from Kenyans on Twitter.

The two music videos are available to watch on YouTube.




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