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Three found guilty in Baby Sagini assault case

Three accused persons in Junior Sagini’s eye-gouging case have been proven  guilty of the offense  by a Kisii court.

Kisii Senior Resident Magistrate Christine Ogweno found Sagini’s grandmother Rael Nyakerario, his aunt Pacifica Nyakerario and cousin Alex Ochogo guilty of causing actual bodily harm.

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The offense was committed between December 13 and 14 2022 at Ikuruma village, Marani sub county.

However, Judgment on the case was postponed to July 21 2023.

Ogweno stated that the three committed  and abetted the offense, making them equally guilty.

The Magistrate also noted that the main suspect, Alex Ochogo, confessed to his mother before they assisted in concealing the act.

Junior Sagini was found with his eyes gouged after  disappearing  overnight.

The accused persons were arrested and initially charged with attempted murder charge  but it was later changed to causing actual bodily harm.

Throughout the entire proceedings of the case, the accused individuals denied both offenses and have been in remand.

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