Save your time and money by making better produce selection.

There’s nothing as disappointing as biting into a beautiful peach and finding it is dry and tasteless, or cutting into an avocado and finding it is hard as rock. What about when you bite into a fat plum and it is entirely sour? So frustrating! Picking the right fruit and vegetables can be tricky because there is no ingredient list you can read from. A lot of doing the right selection depends on luck bit a lot of it also requires skill. Use these tips to make the right selection for your fruit and vegetables.

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They should be firm, smooth, well-formed with a good orange colour. Avoid those that are soft and wilted and those that have a large green covering on the top.

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They should be yellow with a few brown speckles. If they are overly brown, it means they are overripe. If they are green, it means they aren’t yet ripe and you’ll have to wait a few days before consuming.


These include strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. The richer the color, the sweeter the fruit. Stay away from those that are faded in colour, the do not pack much flavour. Also be on the lookout for the formation of mould.


Look for firm cucumbers with a good green colour. Avoid those that are shriveled, wilted or too large. The yellowish ones will turn out to be bitter.

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Citrus fruits

Oranges and tangerines. They should feel heavier than they appear. This indicates their juiciness. The skin should be even in colour. Avoid those that have excessive white streaks.


One trick to choosing the perfectly ripe avocado is to feel for softness at the tip and bottom of the avocado. If it is soft all around except the tip and bottom, chances are it is not ripe yet. Don’t go for those that are very soft, they may be overripe. Look for taut skin and avoid those that have bumps and wrinkles.

Lettuce and cabbage

Pick those that feel heavy for their size and have crispy leaves with a rich colour. Avoid leaves that show signs of browning.

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Turn the pineapple over and give the bottom a whiff. It should smell fragrantly sweet.


Smell the centre of the tomato where the stem once was. It should have a strong aromatic smell. The tomato should also feel slightly heavy. If it is too light, the inside of the fruit is probably spongy and tasteless.


Select those that are firm, smooth and devoid of any green colouring. Do not get those that have sprouted, softened or wilted.

Bell peppers

Good peppers should feel heavy, indicating that they have much “flesh” inside. Go for a taut and bright peel without any discolouration.

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