The rainy season can be bad for your natural hair but there are ways to maintain that fresh look


Were you caught in the rain today or this week? Just when you think the sun is here to stay, the skies turn dark and the downpours begin. With the metro logical department warning us to be on the lookout for potential floods, it’s time to face the fact that the rain won’t be going away any time soon. So, what does this mean for your hair?

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Well, if you are looking for a protective hairstyle to adopt there are several to choose from.

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Faux Locs – That cost anywhere from KSh. 3,000 – KSh. 8,000 and will last you for however long you want.


Nyasuba Locs – Will cost you KSh. 2,000 at a salon in town.

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Box Braids – Depending on size and length this might cost you anywhere from KSh. 500 to KSh. 2,000


Weave – Installation might range from KSh. 500 to 2,500

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However, if you’re looking to keep your hair natural and unbraided, here’s how you can protect your hair and keep it frizz free.

Keep it rain free


The best way to protect that amazing hairstyle is to of course make sure it doesn’t get wet. The easiest way to do this is to keep an umbrella handy and make sure to have scarf you can cover your head with or a shower cap for extra cover.

Use a leave-in conditioner


There are several leave-in conditioners in the market meant for African hair. This will give your hair the extra shine and moisture it needs to get through the day without looking messy and unkempt.

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Don’t avoid the deep condition

Deep condition at least once a week or every time you go to the salon just give your hair the nutrients and care it needs to be healthy.

Tie it up


There are several styles you can use to keep your hair out of the way, this can be anything from a simple ponytail to bantu knots.


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