The rainy season is here; if you’re still going to work, we’ve got a few tips for you

While most of us are lucky enough to work from home, we know most of us are still going to work. As the rain pours both day and night on some days, the unpredictability of Nairobi’s current weather has probably left you disappointed due to your unpreparedness. The sun is blazing one moment and the next, the heavens open up and it’s a downpour. Truthfully it’s become difficult to predict seasons and weather patterns (thanks to global warming). We don’t know what to have on before leaving the house but fear not. Here are some handy tips and guides for how to dress up this season:

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Stay away from heavy fabrics

Fabrics such as denim and wool will have you miserable by end of day. When it’s raining they soak up all the rain and take such a long time to dry, and when it’s hot, they’ll have you sweltering underneath. Instead, opt for light-weight garments such as cottons that dry quickly when wet. At the same time, stay away from fabric that is too light and will stick on your body e.g. linen.

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Wear the correct colours.

Listen, white will have you EXPOSED if you happen to get drenched. So opt for strong, bold colours instead. Save your whites and pinks for exclusive summer weather.

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Check your soles

You will slide and fall if you don’t pick the right soles. Make sure you’re in rubber soles

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At the same time, be sure of the fabric of your shoes. Make sure they’re tough so as to allow for water to slide off. Save your suedes for drier weather please.

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Waterproof bags

Ensure the bag you’re carrying with you is waterproof so that the items inside do not get compromised with wetness. Can you imagine, if water seeps into your your laptop bag?!

Layer Up.

Just in case the sun comes out later in the day, you can simply remove your layered clothes and be comfortable in the heat. Make sure your layered clothes are light-weight.

Don’t forget your raincoat and umbrella!


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