Tools and resources to help you be more productive

Focus on being productive instead of busy.

Productivity doesn’t just arise overnight. To be productive, you require discipline, motivation and the right tools and resources to help you achieve your goals.

We have rounded up 10 resources that can help you be productive regardless of whether you are a student, business owner, freelancer or employee. Check them out:

Grammarly – This is a digital writing assistance tool that detects spelling, punctuation, and other common errors in texts. You simply add it as an extension to your browser and it does the rest.

Google Calendar – This is a time-management and scheduling calendar service developed by Google. With Google Calendar, you can quickly schedule meetings and events and get reminders about upcoming activities, so you always know what’s next.

Hootsuite – This is a social media management platform that supports social network integrations for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube. With just one platform users are able to curate cool content and schedule posts all the way up to managing team members and measuring ROI.

Toggl Track – This is a time tracking software that allows you to track your daily activities across different platforms; providing you with detailed insights and an opportunity to optimize your workflow.

Asana – This is a web and mobile application designed to help teams organize, track, and manage their work. The app allows you to keep all the projects in your program organized, and map and manage your team.

Kahoot! – This is a game-based learning platform. You can learn any subject in any language in a fun manner.

Proposify – This takes away the pain of building a proposal. You can select proposals from a range of templates or customize proposals as needed.

QuickBooks – This is an accounting software package geared mainly toward small and medium-sized businesses. It  automates many aspects of managing your business by calculating sales tax, tracking products and automatically updating transactions in your register, customer and vendor areas.

HelloSign – This is a great way to send, receive and manage legally binding electronic signatures. It helps trail transactions between signing parties and timestamp information.

WeTransfer – This is a computer file transfer service. You can transfer up to 20GB of files and folders.


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