Total donates fuel to power the ivory burning


Total Kenya Limited has donated over a million shillings worth of fuel to power the ivory burning scheduled for this Saturday at the Nairobi National Park.

The stock pile of ivory which has been recovered from poachers and illegal consignments intercepted at aerodromes and seaports consist of 25,000 elephant tusks weighing 105 tonnes and 1.35 tonnes of rhino horns.

A mixture of diesel and kerosene will be sprayed under the tusks through pipes and jets to fuel the fire. This together with firewood in between the tusks will achieve very high temperatures from steady heat to reduce the tusks to ash.

The system was designed by Robin Hollister, a well-known location manager in the film industry who was also in charge of the event in 1989.

The gift of fuel is the latest example of Total’s continuing support for wildlife and environmental conservation.

For more than fifteen years, the company has been a major sponsor of the annual Rhino Charge which has raised money needed to fund the construction and maintenance of an electric fence surrounding the Aberdares, Mt Kenya and Mau Eburu forests.

This protects elephants, rhinos, and a variety of wild animals from poachers and helps to curb human-wildlife conflict in those areas. The forests safeguard the sources of streams and rivers which provide water for Nairobi and villages and towns in central Kenya.

In 2003 the Total Eco Challenge campaign was started under the slogan “Miti Ni Mali Miti Tosha”.

The aim is to inspire and help all Kenyans to plant trees in every possible place. The target  was 100 million trees per year, every year, forever. Today the Eco Challenge has more than 5,000 projects that have seen the planting of hundreds of millions of trees since inception.


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