TV personality and radio girl Tracy Wanjiru has finally revealed, publicly, that she is the mother of a two-year-old child. Announcing the news in a funny video on her Instagram she revealed that she loves her new role in life.

“This has been the best two years of my life, in the best hood ever, Motherhood! I am grateful to God every day that He chose me to carry this great responsibility, this greatest act of selflessness and to enjoy this true labor of love,” she said.

She further added that while she had heard about the joys of motherhood, she was unprepared for how true it was until she had her baby.

“I used to hear this all the time, that being a mother is the best thing that will ever happen to any woman,” she said, “but I wasn’t prepared for how true it is and also much more it truly is.”

Also acknowledging that her motherhood had been a well-kept secret she cheekily added, “I love being a mommy. If you didn’t know now you know.”

However, Wanjiru did also point out some of the challenges that come with motherhood particularly when it comes to exercising.

“I always used to say how I’d immediately get back in shape after giving birth. I was so wrong! After birth, if I had any free time, I would have rather spent it on sleep!,” she said. “The severe exhaustion was real (moms get it). So needless to say, working out wasn’t a priority. Not to mention, the serious back pain I experienced.”

Adding that after two years, she was ready for the gym.

“I’m now back in the gym after 2 years and I couldn’t be any prouder of myself. I’m no longer trying to be the strongest, the fittest or the best-looking girl at the gym. I’m giving myself grace knowing that I can’t be the same person that I used to be.”