Traffic cops turn violent, attack a motorist & seriously injure a scribe

A Nakuru-based KBC correspondent Simon Ben is nursing injuries after he was attacked by a group of traffic police officers for filming an altercation between the law enforcement officers and a motorist along the Nakuru-Nairobi Highway on the day of Christmas.

This stretch of the highway had turned a ‘car-park’ after a heavy traffic snarl up occasioned by the rush to the upcountry for the festivities. This would later act as a catalyst to a brawl pitting officers and members of the public.

The spectacle began when a traffic police officer who was controlling the traffic at Barnabas area was captured hitting one of the cars that was stuck in the traffic with a swagger stick.

Angry and clearly displeased, the owner of the car jumped out in protest.

“Why are you hitting my car. What have I done?” The motorist asked when he got out as he confronted the officer.

However, his efforts were met with a physical confrontation from the police officer, who was then joined by two other colleagues, a male and a female. Before long the three officers accosted the motorist, raining blows on him.

“Who are you to push a police officer?” The female police officer asked as she charged towards the motorist.

“Come here, who are you?” the other officer shouted as he delivered several slaps on the motorist.

All along, the KBC journalist was filming the whole incident. But as soon as the three officers noticed that the ugly scene was being filmed, they immediately turned their anger on the scribe.

They attacked him leaving him nursing serious injuries. As if that was not enough, the cops destroyed one of his phones. He was lucky they didn’t get his professional camera.

Journalist Simon Ben in hospital.

His other phone was also lost during the melee. He sought treatment at the Nakuru Provincial General Hospital where he was attended to before reporting the matter to Nakuru Central Police Station.


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