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Thomas Fuller once said, “music is nothing else but wild sounds civilised into time and tune.” So, here are four wild sounds civilised into time trending on Youtube this week.

Yope Remix – Innoss’B Ft Diamond Platnumz

Even though this jam was released on September 7th, it’s still trending at number one in Kenya. And that’s understandable considering that the dance sequences are epic. It’s also a beautiful video to watch in terms of colour coordination and camera shots but that’s not unexpected when it comes to Diamond.

Trending No. 1 

Chuchuma – Willy Paul

Willy Paul, again, is at the top of the popular videos. This week he’s trending on Youtube for his new song “Chuchuma”, released on September 11th and currently holding it down at number 2. It’s not the first time he’s trending this year and it won’t be last. Earlier this year, his song “Shadomado” peaked at 1.4 million views after being at the top for about three weeks. Since Willy is now doing more secular music; we should expect more of this kind of music in the future. No 

Trending No. 2

Mbingijii imekulwa na ndogi – NellytheGoon X Benzema X Dmore

This Ochungulo family banger dropped on Tuesday. According to them “Mbigijii imekulwa na ndogii” is the new word on the streets termed by a kid from Meru who we celebrate today. Her accent and voice is wonderful and she deserves recognition at her young age so that her future is reserved in Kenya’s archives. Ochungulo Family makes music out of anything we think could create a big impact on our entertainment industry.”

 You need to hear the song to understand what it’s about though. 

Trending No. 4

Kiza Kinene – Nandy Featuring Sauti Sol

What do you get when you put Sauti Sol and Bongo songstress Nandy on a track together? An Afropop Bongo fusion infused with Salsa vibes. Next time you want to dance to Salsa, try this Pan-African jam.

Trending No. 5

Pepeta – Nora Fatehi, Ray Vanny

Although most of the songs on this list are Pan-African collaborations, this one is a collaboration between Canada and Tanzania. Nora Fatehi is a Canadian dancer, model, actress and singer who has mainly appeared in Hindi films. On this banger, she collaborates with Bongo musician Ray Vanny.

Trending No. 6


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