Trio Mio ditches manager Wilkins Fadhili

The rapper’s mother accused the manager of fleecing son of over a hundred thousand

Trio Mio
Wilkins Fadhili

Trio Mio is an upcoming teenage rapper making Gengetone hits with collaborators such as Mejja, Exray, Nellythegoon and Khaligraph Jones. The rapper’s mother has, however, called out her son’s former manager Wilkins Fadhili for conning her son out of “100K and still counting”.

Posting on her Instagram account, Irma Sakwa said, “Wilkings Fadhili is no longer Trio Mios manager. This guy has perfected the art of conning. This character has conned my son over 100k and still counting. Beware! He’s not allowed to transact any business on behalf of my son Trio Mio.” (SIC)

This comes days after Suzie Wokabi called out Wilkins on her Instagram account. “Hello all, this is a bit of a public service announcement. BEWARE of Wilkings Fadhili Odinga @wilkinsfadhili @wilkingspodcastnetwork @wilkingsstudiosagency , he has done it again and on behalf of everyone that he has messed up this time around, I feel that it is my responsibility to expose him. First off please note that he has nothing to do with any of my brands and if he dares use my name anywhere there will be consequences to pay. He was my podcast manager and has managed to disappear with a bunch of my footage that we shot and using my name to get clients etc.” (SIC)

Last year, Wilkins claimed Larry Madowo was a client before the BBC reporter and anchor gave a warning on Twitter for using his image to con people



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