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Truth has set me free, Maribe says after acquittal in Monica Kimani murder case


After a long and arduous legal battle, former TV anchor Jacque Maribe has been acquitted in connection with the tragic murder of Monica Kimani.

Speaking shortly after Justice Grace Nzioka delivered the judgment, Maribe invoked the words of John in Chapter 8:32, stating, “For you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.”

In acquitting Maribe, the court found that she was not properly charged and that the prosecution failed to produce adequate evidence in the case against her.

“It is my considered view that the charge brought against the second accused person (Jacque Maribe) was not the proper charge,” Justice Nzioka said.

“The prosecution did not adduce adequate evidence to find the second accused person guilty of the offence of murder.”

Maribe’s lawyer, Katwa Kigen blamed the prosecution for maintaining and insisting on the case when it had no basis.

The former news anchor was charged alongside her ex-fiancée Joseph Irungu on 15th October, 2018.

The two were accused of playing a role in the murder of Monicah, who was killed five years ago in her Lamuria garden apartment in Kilimanai area on 19th September, 2018 shortly after arriving from South Sudan.

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