TSC spent Ksh103B on personal allowances

By Ruth Mutegi

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) spent 103.2 billion shillings on personal allowances between July 2015 and March this year which is 55 percent of the 184.9 billion shillings total expenditure by government ministries, departments and agencies.

The budget implementation report released by the Controller of Budget covers the period between July 2015 and March this year.

According to the report, the National Treasury received 1.23 trillion shillings in revenue in the period under review, representing a 5.4 percent growth from the 1.17 trillion shillings received in the same period during the last financial year.

In the period, total expenditure by Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) totaled 1.97 trillion shillings, which is 55.4 percent of the annual estimates.

According to the Controller of Budget, this is a decline compared to the 62.3 percent total expenditure recorded by the government agencies in the same period of the last financial year.

In the first nine months of the 2015/2016 financial year, 479.8 billion shillings was spent on recurrent programmes by government agencies. Of this amount, 184.9 billion shillings was spent on Personal Emoluments, otherwise known as allowances.

Interestingly though, is that the Teachers Service Commission spent 55 percent of the total amount by all Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies on personal emoluments, meaning, TSC spent 103.2 billion shillings on allowances.

But the expenditure does not stop there, according to the Controller of Budget, the National Assembly had the highest expenditure on domestic travel at 2.1 billion shillings which accounts for 40 percent of the total domestic travel expenditure by all MDAs.

This does not however come as a surprise, seeing that members of parliament have been going round the country, some of them flashing helicopters, an expense that has obviously been covered by the taxpayer.

The expenditure by the National Assembly on domestic travel has even surpassed the expenditure on foreign travels in the ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade which has been receiving criticism for what the public termed as too much travel.

The Ministry of Foreign affairs spent 902.9 million shillings on foreign travels which is 33.5 percent of the total expenditure on foreign travel.

On the total recurrent expenditure, the Teachers Service Commission was the highest spender at 135.02 billion shillings, followed by the Ministry of Defense at 64.4 billion shillings; State Department of Interior spent 51.8 billion shillings while the State Department of Education and the Ministry of Health spent 42.81 billion shillings and 17.8 billion shillings respectively in the period under review.

The Controller of Budget notes that budget implementation in the period under review faced various challenges, which were mainly due to the delay in release of development funds by the National Treasury.

2015/2016 BUDGET

Total Expenditure (MDAs)         Ksh 1.97 Trillion

Recurrent Programmes              Ksh 479.8 Billion

Personal Emoluments                  Ksh 184.9 Billion

2015/2016 BUDGET

Personal Emoluments – TSC            Ksh 103.2 Billion

Domestic Travel – N. Assembly      Ksh 2.1 Billion

Foreign Travel – Foreign Affairs     Ksh 902.9 Million

2015/2016 BUDGET


Teachers Service Commission        Ksh 135.02 Billion

Ministry of Defense                          Ksh 64.4 Billion

State Department of Interior         Ksh. 51.8 Billion

State Department of Education      Ksh 42.81 Billion

Ministry of Health                            Ksh. 17.8 Billion






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