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Turkana County greenlights Ksh 382M for climate change initiatives

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The Turkana County Climate Change Fund Management Board (CCCFMB) has approved the expenditure of Ksh 382 million to accelerate locally-led climate change initiatives.

Chaired by Fr. Joseph Ekomwa, the board meeting adhered to Turkana’s legal framework for managing climate change.

Fr. Ekomwa stated that the approval was long overdue, as projects had already been identified and compliance assessments were satisfactory.

He expressed optimism that the funds, supported by the World Bank and the County Government under the Financing Locally Led Climate Change Action (FLLocCA) initiative, would be effectively utilized.

Audan emphasized the urgency of releasing the funds to empower communities to mitigate climate change impacts and enhance their resilience.

She noted that the general public, through the 30 Ward Climate Committees, had identified water provision, rangeland reseeding, and irrigation agriculture as priority areas.

Chief Officer for Climate Change Joseph Ekalale said the approval would enable phased disbursement of funds.

Ekalale emphasized that due diligence was followed in creating grievance response mechanisms and action plans.

This approval aligns with the county’s five-year Climate Change Action Plan (2023-2027) and Governor Jeremiah Lomorukai’s nine-point agenda.

Board members who participated in the meeting included Ejore William Emoru and Eunice Mwajuma.

Other county representatives included Audan Leah Lokaala (County Executive for Climate Change), Joseph Ekalale (Chief Officer for Climate Change), George Emase (Climate Change Director), Benedict Mukoo Lochili (Disaster Management Director), and Kevin Ojiem (County Environment Officer).

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