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Turkana county records increased uptake of Covid-19 vaccine

By Mary Muthoni

Turkana County has recorded an incresed uptake of Covid-19 vaccine.

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The county health department through Loima Sub-County Health management team and PanAfricare made the revelation following a comprehensive review meeting, assessing the progress made by Covid-19 campaign in the fourth quarter.

The review meeting resulted in identification of areas that required improvement and development interventions to further mitigate the impact of Covid-19.

Abdirahman Musa, Loima sub-county Medical Officer of Health attributed the results to efforts by employed influencers.

He further acknowledged the effectiveness of the strategies made by the PanAfricare and Influencers which were implemented in the third quarter, that resulted in vaccination of 3000 people in the fourth quarter.

Kassim Lupao of PanAfricare also assured that they are committed to strengthening the health system and ensuring data safety and facilitating easy follow-ups.

He stated that a list of defaulters would be shared with the influencers to educate them on the importance of completing vaccination.

He announced a plan to integrate Covid-19 vaccination in the normal health system.

The influencers have pledged to work hard in raising awareness of Covid-19 vaccine.

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