TVETs warned over financial impropriety

Internal auditors in the vocational and technical training institutions will now be required to produce weekly financial audit reports shared to school Board of Managements as the government moves in to quell possible financial malpractice in the public institutions countrywide.

Principal Secretary State Department for Vocational and Technical Training Dr. Margaret Mwakima has directed that school principals, finance officers, procurement officers and internal auditors should synchronize together financial reports so as to ensure financial accountability, and transparency.

“It is now mandatory that internal auditors should produce weekly financial reports to the relevant institutions’ leadership so that it is easy to identify any scandals. We urge you not to be misled, do not over consume and don’t be greedy, accountability is critical for running of affairs,” charged Mwakima.

The PS also cautioned the officials against involvement in any corruption deals, warning that misappropriation of public resources would lead to termination of employment and prosecution in a court of law.

“In case of any financial  irregularities, all of you will be held accountable, so we urge everyone to play his or her role effectively and diligently to ensure accountability of public resources, we urge you to identify any loopholes before money is lost,” urged Mwakima.

The institutions are required to adhere to the public finance management act (PFM) 2012,and any other procurement policies and also leverage on emerging modern technological trends and policies of management.

This comes as the institutions call for the budget allocation increase by the government from Ksh 500,000 quarterly to Ksh 1.5 million shillings to meet the emerging demand for services.

Resources for professional development have also been listed as a major challenge.

Some of the institutions according to the National chairlady the Kenya Association of Technical Training Institutions Chair Glory Mutungi are grappling with shortage of modern equipment.

Other challenges include shortage of trainers, inadequate supply of power and water, stagnation of trainers in promotions and lack of enough furniture to facilitate learning in the public funded institutions.

“We have written to the governing council requesting an increase of the budget allocation that is Ksh 500 thousand per quarter to at least Ksh 1.5 million so that at least to be able to run the institutions,” Mutungi said.

The duo made the remarks in Mombasa where she officially opened a capacity building workshop for principals, internal auditors, and finance and procurement officers in the technical and vocational training institution held in Mombasa.



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