Two chiefs fired as war against illicit brew continuous

By Claire Wanja/Statement

Interior Principal Secretary Dr. Karanja Kibicho has fired two chiefs in Embu County because of their laxity in the fight against illicit brews.

The PS said this was the beginning of an aggressive campaign to stump-out illicit brews in the country/

The administrators— Chief Peter Mureithi of Kieni North West Location and Assistant Chief Francis Ndwiga of Kiangungi Sub-­?location were fired in public during an afternoon  baraza the PS held in Embu earlier on Thursday.

The PS said the Government will not tolerate administrators who abet brewing or selling of illicit and often lethal brews in their areas of administration.

The two chiefs were paraded in public before being stripped of their official caps and shoulder epaulets after the PS narrated to them their failings.

“This is the first warning shot to all chiefs and their assistants. If we find that your location or sub-­?location is a den for these dangerous illicit brews and drugs that have caused death and so much havoc

Among our youth, the Government will not give you a second chance,” said PS Kibicho.

The PS said the Government was focusing on chiefs and their assistants because as officials closest to the grassroots, they knew or ought to know the perpetrators of illicit brew menace.

Dr. Kibicho also cautioned County Commissioners and other senior administrators that they too were not safe if illicit brew menace persisted in their areas.

“After the chiefs and assistant chiefs, we shall move up the ladder if this problem persists. So Assistant County Commissioners, County Commissioners and Regional Coordinators you too should be in the frontline in the war against illicit brews and drugs,” said the PS.

Earlier, PS Kibicho toured several parts of Embu County where he led a team of administrators and security officials in a spirited campaign to destroy captured illicit brews.

Close to 500litres of an assortment of illicit brews were destroyed during the exercise that begun at 9am.

Two bags of bhang weighing close to 100kgs was nabbed and destroyed.

During the exercise, PS Kibicho who was accompanied by Secretary for National Administration Arthur Osiya, Secretary for Internal Security Amos Gatheca, Eastern Regional Coordinator James Ole Serian, Embu County Commissioner Ms. Esther Maina and senior officers from National Police Service also raided residence-cum?brewery of a notorious manufacturer of killer illicit brews in Embu who goes by the nickname ‘Gathambo’.

At the residence, the team found an assortment of crude brewing and storage facilities, which were confiscated by Government for destruction.

The PS was informed that Gathambo has been arrested and charged with brewing killer illicit brews over a dozen times in a period of less than a year but always managed to wiggle his way out taking advantage of the Court system.

“The fight against illicit killer brews should be a concerted effort where the public and all arms of the Government join hands to protect the future of youths who are being destroyed by criminals manufacturing and selling these poisonous drinks,” said PS  Kibicho.

He said courts too should play their rightful role to protect youths from these brews by not giving overly

Lenient bail terms to perpetual criminals.

“When someone like Gathambo is charged and released on bail over a dozen times in less than a year, it

Not only demoralizes government officers fighting this menace but also sends a very wrong message to

The public that all you need is money to get away with crimes bordering on murder,” said the PS.


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