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Two eco-friendly companies partner to support underprivileged learners

A global technology firm has partnered with an eco-friendly stationery company to provide wood-free pencils to ten schools as part of ongoing efforts to conserve the environment.

The partnership will see 25,000 wood-free pencils distributed across the 10 schools across the country with 1,000 tree saplings set to be planted each year.

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Speaking while launching the program dubbed “Hope for Literacy”, Zoho a global technology company, and MOMO pencils an eco-friendly stationery company located in Nairobi said the partnership was borne out of the need to foster all-round development that is responsible and sustainable.

“In continuation of this commitment to supporting progress at grassroots level, we are looking forward to working with MOMO Pencils to make a lasting and positive impact on society and the environment,” said Veerakumar Natarajan, Country Head, Zoho Kenya.

While hosting 25 students from creative minds in Athi River, who are to be introduced to various career opportunities in the STEM fields, Zoho, and MOMO pencils said the partnership is meant to support underprivileged children in the country.

“In Kenya, where millions of children face barriers to quality education due to poverty, the “Hope for Literacy” program was established to bridge the literacy gap by supporting the education of 1 million school-going children from marginalized families. We’re delighted to have Zoho join us as one of our partners in this journey of transforming Kenyan families, schools, and communities,” said Mahamud Omari, CEO, MOMO Pencils.

The idea was inspired by damning statistics indicating that 33.4% of families find it hard to afford the costs associated with schooling facing enormous challenges and limitations, many of which are caused by poverty.

The eco-friendly pencils are made from 100% recycled paper with the vision of a pencil that changes the world.

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