Two Kenyan rangers win global ranger award

Rangers from Zimbabwe and The Democratic Republic of Congo also received awards.

Ali Hassan Ali/Courtesy Hirola Conservation Programme

Two Kenyan rangers, Ali Hassan Ali of the Bura East Community Conservancy and Popote Ole Sapulai of the Kimana Sanctuary have received the 2022 IUCN-WCPA International Ranger Awards. The winners were announced in a ceremony at the IUCN African Protected Areas Congress in Kigali, Rwanda.

In total, seven individual rangers and three ranger teams from ten countries in Latin America, Africa, Asia and Australasia were recognized for going beyond the call of duty to protect the earth’s wild places and wildlife, and to support local communities.

Popote Sapulai/ Credit Josh Clay

Ali Hassan and Popote Ole Sapulai were awarded alongside fellow rangers from Africa; Nyaradzo Auxillia Hoto of the Wildlife Management Areas of the Lower Zambezi, Zimbabwe and Yyondji Community Eco-guards of the Yyondji Community Bonobo Reserve, Democratic Republic of Congo.

Speaking at the ceremony, Chris Galliers, President of the International Ranger Federation said, “Alongside their extraordinary stories of courage and commitment, what is remarkable about this year’s winners is their diversity. They include women, men and young people and a very high proportion of them are members of the local communities where they work. This diversity is what the International Ranger Federation is striving for in the sector, as it is the key to tackling the complex challenges of climate change and biodiversity loss.”

Each winner or winning team receives US$10,000 to support the protected and conserved areas where they work, and a custom uniform patch to signify their achievement.


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