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Two politicians threaten legal action over alleged defamation

A blogger and a local publication are on the spot over alleged libelous content against two politicians.

In demand letters authored by Cliff Oduk Advocates, Trans Nzoia Senator Allan Chesang’ and Lang’ata MP Phelix Odiwuor alias Jalang’o want blogger Cyprian Nyakundi and the publication to retract the statements linking them to an offence they deny being part of besides compensating them.

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“You compensate our clients for the damage to their reputation, which includes any financial losses incurred as a result of this defamation.

You reimburse our clients the charges incurred in pursuing the proceedings.” Read the dispatch from Cliff Oduk Advocates.

Nyakundi is accused of making false and malicious accusations against the legislators in a tweet on the X platform.

His tweet was in reference to a story that carried the libellous article that linked the MPs to the impugned allegations.

“Make immediate public retraction of the defamatory statements made to the aforementioned post, along with unequivocal apology to be posted on the same platform with equal prominence to the original publication.” Demands the letter.

Through their lawyer, the two legislators want Nyakundi and the accused publication to immediately, cease and desist from any further publication or dissemination of defamatory statements, slander and/or libel with regard to their clients’ character and/or reputation.

In addition to the retraction and apology, the two are demanding that a correction and clarification be published to inform the leadership that the statements made were false and without merit.






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