Uadilifu system: ODPP commences awareness campaign

The office of the Director of Public Prosecutions will this week launch an awareness campaign on its case management system.

The automated Uadilifu system, that was launched on July 28th last year, is expected to strengthen the criminal justice system and will enable Kenyans track cases at the click of a button.

The system has capabilities to track and monitor the status and progress of files and further, facilitate electronic filing of pleadings and disclosure of evidentiary material.

The system is expected to go a long way in strengthening the criminal justice system and getting rid of case backlog that has characterized the system in the past.

Case management refers to the skills and processes used by actors in the justice system; judicial officers, prosecutors, and other advocates to move and dispense cases and involved receipt of files and correspondence from investigative agencies.

The system seeks to leverage on reforms undertaken within the country’s justice system meant to bring about uniformity and consistency including the Guidelines on the Decision to Charge.

The guidelines on the decision to charge documents the steps to ensure fairness, consistency, transparency and accountability in the decision-making process.

The key features of the Guideline is the Two-Stage Test which comprises the Evidential and Public Interest test.

Under the Evidential Test , prosecutors have to ascertain the reliability, credibility, admissibility, sufficiency and the strength of rebuttal evidence with a realistic prospect of a conviction.

Under the Public Interest Test, prosecutors will consider the culpability of the suspect, the impact, or harm to the community or victim, the suspect’s age at the time of the offence and whether prosecution is a proportionate response.


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