Ugali Man is the embodiment of “Kuomoka”

Ugali Man became an internet sensation overnight.

Charles Odongo, now known as ‘Ugali Man’, is the persona behind the viral ugali-eating video. In the videos, Charles is seen tossing around and eating massive sized ugali servings. The gym instructor from Ongata Rongai did not have it easy growing up and had what was probably his hardest year when he lost his job due to COVID-19. When he started posting his ugali videos, he simply wanted to make a light moment and make people happy. Little did he know that the stars were aligning in his favour.

Charles got picked up by local betting company Odibets, landing him a lucrative endorsement deal. He now features in the company’s advertisements and promotions. Not only does he have the ambassadorial deal , but he has been gifted a brand new car and KSH 5 million. Basically an overnight millionaire. Ugali Man happily received the goodies yesterday in a private ceremony.

By the time the Ugali Videos went viral, Charles had recorded over 100 others. It only took the one for his fortunes to change. Kuomoka kweli.


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