The multitalented and chart-topping Ugandan artist Vinka is Spotify’s EQUAL Africa Ambassador for October. 

Vinka’s introduction to music started with artists such as Awilo Longomba and Koffi Olomide whose music was played regularly while she was growing up. She later entered the music industry as a dancer, a career she soon left behind for artist management.  

“When I started working as an artist manager at the record company, I fell in love with music and took it when my opportunity came,” she says. 

The switch from technical riders to the mic was the start of a thriving music career in which Vinka has produced hit after hit, with songs like “Malaika” and “Thank God” showcasing her artistry. 

Her commitment to her music and to her fans was also made clear during her 2019 campaign to release a new single on the first Friday of every month that year. 

Not one to be pigeonholed by genre, Vinka leans into dancehall and other African sounds. She describes her music as being catchy with a unique voice, tone and vibe. 

“Vinka is a testament to Uganda’s vibrant and thriving music industry and she is a prime example of a female artist on the continent disrupting the music industry with her unorthodox and innovative music marketing techniques,”  says Spotify’s Head of Music for Sub-Saharan Africa, Phiona Okumu.

Sharing her advice for aspiring young artists, Vinka said, “They have to believe in themselves, stay focused and never stop. You have to invest your time and sweat to make it work.” 

EQUAL Africa is an initiative by Spotify aimed at reducing gender inequality in the music industry and highlighting and amplifying the voices of female artists from across the continent. Vinka joins a cohort of outstanding artists characterised by strength, talent, and of course great music, such as Makhadzi, Maandy, and Xenia Manasse, just to name a few.  

Vinka on Spotify
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