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Screenshot from Naiboi’s and Nyashinski’s – Black

To avoid getting into an argument about what defines hip-hop, because the definitions vary for various reasons, we’d like to preface this by accepting that the songs in this list can fall into multiple genres including but not limited to Kapuka, Odi pop, Gengetone and the original Genge. 

However, using a very generic definition of hip-hop, – “it is stylised rhythmic music that accompanies rap”,- we’re categorising every song on this list as hip-hop.

We’ve rounded up a few hip-hop songs that would make for an amazing playlist for the weekend. To keep this list as short as possible, we’ve only included songs from this year and 2019.

Silverstone Barz – Jar Weed

Nyashinski – Wach Wach

Muthoni the Drummer Queen – Power

Steph Kapela – Exposure

Nyashinski feat Naiboi – Black

Petra feat John Makini – Pepea

Steph Kapela feat Scar – Wewe ni nani?

Timmy Blanco and Twenny Eights – Lost it

Katapilla and Hassano – Nimerudi Freestyle

Bey T – If they dunno

Breeder LW – Bazenga Daddii

Khaligraph Jones and the Gang – Khali Cartel 2

Barak Jacuzzi – Campaign

Octopizzo feat Sailors – Wakiritho

Rekles – Deep Down

Wangechi feat Scar Mkadinali – Sana Sana

Khali Cartel 3

Nazizi – No shida

Xtactic – Moment

King Kaka feat Pascal Tokodi – Fly

Ssaru – Swagger

Kansoul & Vivian – Accelerator (Serereka)



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