Understand your Zodiac Lovers

Understand your Zodiac Lovers

Dating an Aries: If you are dating an Aries, going out and planning an extravagant date is recommended. A sentimental note alone will not impress the Arian.

Dating a Taurus: Taurus is a sentimental and a romantic fool. Anything thoughtful that you do for Taurus will never be forgotten. Expect them to do something special for you.

Dating a Gemini: Expecting too much from a Gemini may not be the right way to go about this day. They will plan something fun; go with the flow with this sign. Gemini loves to be pampered without too much emotional pressure on them. Keep your date light and fun.

Dating a Cancer: Cancer loves generous lovers and you must give and not just take from this sign. Spending time with them and gifting them something they have wished for a long time will make your Cancer lover happy.

Dating a Leo: Your Leo partner will most probably take the lead and take you out to an expensive restaurant or plan a special treat for you. As lovers, Leo likes to impress with their fine ways. Gift them something elegant to keep up.

Dating a Virgo: Though very affectionate, Virgo may have a hard time being too expressive about how they feel. They will make the day special for you in their own unique way.

Dating a Libra: Libra loves a partner who understands their need for togetherness. They don`t care whether you take them out or you plan something special at home. As long it involves the two of you, they are game for anything.

Dating a Scorpio: Spending the day alone at home, creating happy memories and cooking something you both love, will make your Scorpio lover happy. Don`t even think about involving your friends and inviting them over.

Dating a Sagittarius: Sagittarius loves adventure and will be restless to make this a day to remember. Plan a brief but thrilling holiday that will satisfy your Sagittarian`s urge to explore something new.

Dating a Capricorn: As long as what you do is sincere and from the heart, your Capricorn lover will appreciate and love you for it. They are loyal lovers who expect little from others. A simple dinner at home will appeal to Capricorn.

Dating an Aquarius: Anything unusual will appeal to the Aquarian. A unique piece of art or something spiritual will impress your Aquarius lover. They love music and will be thrilled if you take them out to a concert where their favourite band is playing.

Dating a Pisces: A Pisces wants to be reassured of your love, and what you convey on this day holds a lot of importance for the sensitive Piscean. They love jewellery, things that remind them of the sea and whatever reminds them of the great bond you share.







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