Unilever launches club for mentoring teenagers

Consumer goods manufacturer Unilever has Wednesday launched a new programme that seeks to mentor and promote learning among high school students.

The company unveiled the Chuo Club, which brings together secondary school students to participate in its back-to-school promos and win school fees of up to Ksh100,000, while enjoying mentorship in an effort to build future loyal customers.

Unilever Kenya Customer Development Director David Walton said giving out schools fees will be a major boost to the students ’ quest to learn and in line with the company’s commitment to support education and improve the lives of its consumers

Mr Watson was speaking at Kenya High School  when Unilever  rewarded 46 secondary school students with Ksh3 million worth of school fees and tablet devices from the Chuo Club pilot back-to-school programme launched in January 2016.

So far the Chuo Club has 70,000 registered students and is being rolled out nationally.

Students drawn from various schools across the country received amounts ranging from Ksh20,000 to Ksh100,000 to cater for their school fees and tablet devices to improve their learning experiences.

Students and their guardians were required to buy Unilever products from selected stores and register to enter the draw.

“Education has the power to help transform people’s lives economically as well as academically, we hope that the school fees will help keep these children in school and boost their morale in learning and eventually increase their final score in examinations” Mr Watson added.

“Chuo Club is Unilever’s commitment to Kenyan teens, towards making their back-to-school experience worthwhile and fun, with a strong message that there are no age boundaries when it comes to rewarding our customers.”

Out of the 46, 12 students got Ksh100,000 each, 14 Ksh50,000 each, while 20 will walked away with Ksh. 20,000 each.

The rest got a tablet each worth Ksh35,000, which is hoped to introduce them to digital learning.

He said students are among the biggest consumers of Unilever products ranging from Geisha, Sunlight, Vaseline and Blueband margarine.

“We want to grow with them and make sure they do so as they gain academic knowledge being future leaders.”

During the award ceremony, Unilever also launched the second edition of Chuo Club, which will run in April


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