Urithi seeks to settle members in Maasai land to promote cohesion

Urithi Housing Co-operative Society Limited has vowed to settle Kenyans in all parts of the Country in a bid to promote national cohesion and peaceful co-existence in the Country.

The Society Business Development Sales and Marketing Manager Fabian Mwangi said the society membership comprises of Kenyans from all communities in the country.

Mwangi was speaking at Elangata in Kajiado County during a members’ tour of the Society’s new 1,000 Acre land dubbed Elangata Miliki.

The Society Boss said if Kenyans are properly settled they will have no time to engage in anti-societal activities.

Apart from providing decent and affordable houses, we also want to help Kenyans own large tracks of land.

Those who want to own an acre, five acres or more, now have an opportunity through the Elangata Miliki project.

The land is 20 kilometers from the Kajiado-Namanga highway and is ideal for immediate settlement, agricultural activities as well as livestock rearing.

The manager said Kenyans working in Nairobi and its environs who will acquire land in the project will have the convenience of driving to the farm, get fresh produce and go back to their workplace without much hustle.

Mwangi said Urithi is offering an introductory price of Kenya shillings 385,000 and Ksh 395,000 on installments.

Those who will purchase on installment will pay a deposit of Kenya shilling 200,000 and pay the rest within 6 months.

Alternatively, one will be required to deposit Kenya shillings 115,000 with Urithi Premier Sacco which will clear the balance and allow the member to the pay the loan within four years.

Five acres will cost Ksh 1,750,000 or Ksh 1,950,000 on installments. One will pay a deposit of Kenya shillings 800,000 and clear the balance in six months.

Alternatively, a member seeking to pay through Urithi Premier Sacco will be required to deposit Kenya shillings 300,000 with the Sacco clearing the balance and allow the member to pay the loan within 48 months.

“This is a lifetime opportunity for those want to own land,’’ said Mwangi.


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