Vaspro celebrates MSMEs in Kenya

Did you know that Micro-Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs) make up over 90pc of all firms and accounts, on average for 70pc of total employment and 50pc of gross domestic products? In other words, MSMEs sustain our development and economy globally.

That is why the general assembly declared 27th of June the Micro-small and medium-sized enterprises day (MSMEs Day). This day reminds us to recognize and appreciate the importance of these enterprises.

Vaspro, being an innovative platform that provides end-to-end mobile marketing solutions and enables all small enterprises’ needs progress to the next level, We join the world in celebrating and appreciating all MSMEs.

Vaspro helps them avoid the busyness and grow their business. Simplify their communication with an SMS portal which in return helps them grow their; Sales, trust loyalty, and business.

To benefit from this offer, all you need to do is deposit Ksh.7,000 and get a free sender ID and 2000 free SMS! Do not wait, sign up and get your first free SMS.

SMS is driving sales in today’s mobile fast world. Not all consumers have access to internet connections but almost everyone has access to a mobile phone so, come on, take the advantage and #LetsGrow.

The offer runs from 22nd June 2022 and ends on 29th June 2022, do not get locked out.


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