Vera Sidika calls out Kenyans for being hypocritical

“I help many people in my DM and never post. I only posted to motivate someone else to do the same,” says Vera.

Kenyan socialite, businesswoman and mother, Vera Sidika is calling out Kenyans for their double standards after she shared a message helping a needy mother who had messaged her asking for money for food. However, Vera had to defend herself after facing backlash from her followers who said it was a good gesture to help the needy but posting the message was unnecessary.

Vera Sidika in her response questioned why Kenyans always find something to crticise about her. She recalled that when she had posted about her KSh.650,000 bag, she had been told to use the money to help the needy. She further said that the message she shared on her Instagram stories was the only message she had ever shared as she helps hundreds of needy people without publicizing it.

“Kenyans amaze me! When I post my Sh650,000 Chanel bag they say I’m showing off, could have used the money to help the poor. Not knowing that I help hundreds of people without publicizing it here! But they will attack coz to them they think you don’t do charity. Since they don’t see it. When you show them they change and say you didn’t have to show,” Vera said.

She went ahead to say that she was going to carry on with posting her expensive lifestyle.

“I help many people in my DM and never post. I only posted to motivate someone else to do the same. But seems like y’all wanna see us showing off an expensive lifestyle but not our charitable side. I get it. I will floss and show everything since that’s what y’all prefer to see,” the businesswoman said.


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