The magical charm of Amboseli does not only lend itself to adventurous safaris, but also to some of the most outstanding views.

The journey from Nairobi to Kimana is a 250 kilometre one;  a 4 hour drive. The land borders the Amboseli national park with your arrival marking your exciting stay in a jungle.
There are a lot of wildlife roaming about the national park, a key attraction for nature lovers. One is bound to see zebras grazing, elephants roaming about and hippos sunbathing.
Right on the foothills of the highest mountain in Africa, holiday makers are mesmerized with over 600 breeding species of birds.

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Mt Kilimanjaro which peaks at 5,895 metres above sea level is visible from this spot especially before midday and during a less cloudy day. This year, the park had a unusual phenomenon; an elephant gave birth to a pair of twin cubs, something that last occurred 38 years ago.
The mountain is located about 20km into the Tanzanian side of the border. It is believed that Mt. Kilimanjaro belonged to Kenya but queen Victoria, the then monarch of the United kingdom gave it to her grandson as a birthday gift in 1886. Some Kenyan tour marketers have been promoting this belief while their Tanzanian counterparts formulate theories against it.

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Even though tourists can only climb Mt. Kilimanjaro from Tanzania, they have to visit Amboseli national park in Kenya to get perfect views of the mountain.
This is where novelist Ernest Hemmingways inspired memorable stories such as The Snows of Kilimanjaro.
Choose Amboseli as your holiday getaway.

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