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Vijana na Kilimo II project to empower youth economically

From Left to Right: Sylvia Mbaabu, Partnership Lead at BrighterMonday EA; Julia Mueller, Career Development Advisor at GIZ Agri-Jobs 4 Youth; and Chris Otundo, CEO of BrighterMonday Kenya.

Young job seekers in Western Kenya looking for opportunities in the agri-food sector have a reason to smile as the Vijana na Kilimo II project is launched.

The project is a youth employment activity funded by the German government through the GIZ Agri-Jobs 4 Youth initiative.

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Implemented by BrighterMonday Kenya, it builds on the success of its predecessor and marks a significant stride towards fostering a brighter future for the youth of the region.

The Vijana na Kilimo II project goal is to improve labor matching in the Western Kenya agri-food sector, enhance employability for youth aged 18–35 years, and promote good talent acquisition practices for employers.

During its inaugural phase, the project’s primary mission was to empower youth in five counties in Western Kenya—Kisumu, Bungoma, Siaya, Kakamega, and Vihiga—within the agri-food sector, creating valuable pathways to job opportunities.

In their earlier phase of transformative project, they have proudly achieved an exceptional milestone by extending it’s impact to a total of 15,016 beneficiaries across the nation, exceeding their initial target of 10,000 beneficiaries.

Notably, within the heartland of the initiative, in Western Kenya region, it has forged connections with an impressive cohort of 4,749 individuals.

It is worth celebrating that among these beneficiaries, a significant 36% were empowered and accomplished women, a testament to it’s commitment to fostering gender diversity and inclusive empowerment in the agri-food sector.

Additionally, 1,257 young people in the agri-food sector underwent in-person trainings to develop their soft skills and improve employability for better access to job opportunities, while 4,362 enrolled in the same training online.

Some 336 employers were sensitised to leverage digital platforms for talent acquisition, resulting in 547 young people being placed in internships and jobs in the agri-food sector.

Building upon this remarkable success, BrighterMonday Kenya, in a renewed partnership with the GIZ Agri-Jobs 4 Youth, is poised to embark on the next chapter of collaboration as Phase Two of the Vijana na Kilimo Project unfolds.

With this renewed collaboration, Phase 2 aims to empower youth further and enhance Human Resource practices in the Western Kenya agri-food sector.

The project places a strong emphasis on digital employment access, employability training, and talent acquisition.

Commenting on the launch of the Vijana na Kilimo II project, Chris Otumdo, CEO of BrighterMonday Kenya, stated, “The successes of Phase One have laid the foundation for even greater impact in this follow-on phase.

Our participation in the Vijana na Kilimo II project represents our unwavering commitment to empowering the youth, providing up-skilling opportunities in line with job market demands, and turning the young people’s aspirations into reality.

Working with MSMEs, who form the majority of employers in the agri-food sector,will reinforce the sustainability of the successes we will achieve beyond the project life cycle.”This phase sets its sights on engaging 4,000 youth with a dedicated commitment to female inclusion.

Moreover, it seeks to fortify HR capabilities for 40 MSMEs in the sector.

BrighterMonday Kenya and GIZ Agri-Jobs 4 Youth are committed to fostering youth employment in the agri-food sector, promoting gender diversity, and driving sustainable development in Western Kenya and beyond.

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