‘vTime,’ the first social network for virtual reality

By Yahoo News

There’s a new social network in town, and this one brings you closer to your friends than ever. vTime, the first virtual reality social network from Starship, has now launched on Google Cardboard, and will allow you to hang out with your friends in an artificial environment.

On Friday, vTime was made available to Google Cardboard users for the first time, allowing for full interaction between those with a Samsung Gear VR and the Google headset. This, vTime notes, will unlock the “social metaverse for millions more potential users,” bringing together people from all different backgrounds (or rather, with all different kinds of VR devices).

The social network itself allows users to create both a bespoke and lifelike avatar, then walk right into any one of 12 “detailed virtual destinations” with one to three friends (also equipped with VR headsets, of course). Think of it as being dropped into a version of the Sims where you’re not just controlling characters from behind a computer screen, but within the play environment itself.

You’ll be able to chat with other users in real-time, and thanks to vTime’s head-tracking and spatial audio, users will enjoy the “illusion of social presence.” Best of all, you can take selfies within the vTime environments. Welcome to socialization in the 21st century.

“Launching on Cardboard allows us to introduce millions more people to possibilities that social VR presents,” said Starship CEO Martin Kenwright. “vTime proves that virtual reality doesn’t have to be isolating. We’re intent on creating a network in which conversation and communication is both natural and engaging, allowing our users to create a real human connection with vTime users across the world.”

But don’t worry — even if you don’t have a VR headset (and want to avoid spending $15 on Cardboard), you’ll be able to get in on the vTime action. Thanks to the vTime Magic Window, individuals can join the social network and interact with other users simply by way of a smartphone and headset with a built-in microphone. But of course, if you’re looking for the full experience, VR is recommended.

Starship hopes to have the social network fully available to all virtual reality HMDs by the end of the year, so regardless of if you have a PlayStationVR, an Oculus Rift, or HTC Vive, you can join this next level community.


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