Waberi residents raise alarm over criminal groups

A section of Waberi ward residents have raised the red flag over the emergence criminal groups and are now calling upon security agencies to investigate their activities.

Addressing the press in Bula Kunaso on behalf of the residents, Abdirizak Ahmed claimed that the armed gang on Sunday raided a quarry in the area where they beat up the casual labourers and robbed off their personal belongings including mobile phones.

The latest incident comes in the wake of a series of killings that has been associated with wealthy individuals with a land expansionist agenda. On December 5, last year a man was shot dead in the same area.

Locals said they have given up reporting to the police since no action has been taken.

The residents warned that the situation might get out of hand since the gangs are allegedly associated with some wealthy individuals and politicians.

Abdirizak said that jobless youths who have resorted to eking a living from the quarry could no longer access the area for fear of being attacked by the gangs whom they claimed are being fed while in their hideout.

Idriss Abdi, a casual labourer said what is worrying them is that despite the killings being reported to the police, they don’t bother to visit the scene.

“Since the killings started no one has been arrested or prosecuted,” Abdi said.

“What is the purpose of just reporting to the police with no action. These people have other agenda among them to evict us from our residence which we will not allow, the government should intervene,” he added.

Speaking to the press, Garissa sub-county deputy commissioner Bernard Ole Kipury said the government is aware of the presence of gunmen troubling the locals in Waberi ward.

Ole Kipury called for calm amongst the residents noting security agencies are ‘hunting down the suspected gang’.


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