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Governor Waiguru commences rehabilitation of roads damaged by floods


County Government of Kirinyaga has launched rapid road rehabilitation initiative aimed at restoring infrastructure damaged by recent floods. 

The initiative announced by Governor Anne Waiguru will involve grading and murraming rural access roads whose sections had been washed away by rain water during the heavy rains that hit the county in the month of April and May.

Governor Waiguru said that her administration would make resources available for the rehabilitation work of all affected road infrastructure until project is completed.

While noting the crucial role that good transport network plays in agricultural development, Waiguru said the damaged roads will be quickly rehabilitated to ensure farmers do not face difficulties in moving farm produce to the market.

“Because of the recent rains, many of these roads have been spoilt and we will work with our teams to ensure roads damaged are quickly rehabilitated to ensure people are not inconvenienced,” she said.

The Governor said the roads will be rehabilitated under the “Nyorosha Barabara Mashinani Program” which in the last one year has graded over 700kms and murramed around 300kms of road across the county.

Most of the damaged roads are in Mutiithi, Tebere, Thiba, Wamumu, Gathigiriri, Kariti, Kangai, and Nyangati wards which were also the worst affected by the recent floods.

The rehabilitation works have already began with over 10 kilometers of roads being graded in Mutithi ward last week.

Area Member of the County Assembly (MCA) Jinaro Njamumo said some of the roads in the area had been made inaccessible by floods and needed rehabilitation to allow smooth movement of farm produce to the market.

“After grading of the roads, we will embark on murraming of the roads and we target to do some 18 kilometers of roads in Mutithi ward alone,” said the MCA.

Residents have lauded the initiative saying the road rehabilitation program will help ease movement of people and goods.

Francis Kariuki, a dairy farmer, said a two kilometer road connecting his Kang’aru village to Kagio had remained impassable even after the rains subsided.

“This road has been a major problem to us, however we are grateful to Governor Waiguru for her swift action. The improved road shall be a game-changer to all residents even when transporting our goods and accessing services,” he said.

Mugo Kaniu, an elder in the area, noted that the improved infrastructure would greatly benefit local farmers by facilitating easier access to the market.

“For years this road was impassable, getting to a health facility even during medical emergencies was a nightmare, now we can transport people to the hospital more easily,” Kaniu said.

Margaret Kagwe, another resident, shared her relief that women in the area would no longer face challenges during childbirth due to poor road network.

“The improved roads mean that cars can now pass through, ensuring that women can deliver in hospitals safely,” Kagwe said.


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