Waiguru launches Kiaumbui dispensary to enhance access to healthcare

Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru has opened another new dispensary to boost provision of primary healthcare in rural areas in the County.

Kiaumbui dispensary brings relief to Njukiini ward residents who will now access affordable healthcare within close proximity.

It will serve about 4,300 beneficiaries who had to walk over 10 km to seek health services from Difathas and Murinduko Health Centers or Embu County Hospital.

The main beneficiaries include residents of Mwambao, Kathoge, Kiambui, Mbiri and Piai villages.

Kiambui becomes the 7th to be operationalized out of the 20 dispensaries the County Government is putting up.

While presiding over the dispensary’s opening ceremony, Governor Waiguru said the completion and operationalization of the facility mark a great milestone in her quest for improved primary healthcare provision in the county.

“We have been simultaneously undertaking the completion and equipping of around 20 dispensary projects and we have lined them up for opening before August,” the governor said.

She said residents will now access outpatient services, anti-natal and post-natal services, mother and child health care services, pharmacy and laboratory services among others at the new dispensary.

“They will also get an early diagnosis of ailments that may require further treatment and will be referred to advanced facilities in a timely manner”, she pointed out.

She noted that with good primary healthcare at the dispensaries, there will be less congestion at higher-level health facilities thus giving them time to effectively deal with more complex health matters.

Waiguru said her administration has invested heavily in infrastructure development of various health facilities towards the achievement of universal health coverage,

She cited her flagship project, Kerugoya Level Five Hospital complex which will soon open its doors to residents.

The complex has 342-bed capacity inpatient wing, an ICU, a HDU and an oncology ward. Other amenities include an emergency and casualty department, a maternity wing, a cancer unit, modern surgical theatres, pediatric, surgical and medical wards, a palliative care unit and a pharmacy.

The county government is also upgrading Kianyaga and Kimbimbi Hospitals from Level 3 to Level 4 facilities.


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