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Wajir: Gov’t intensifies crackdown on illicit trade

The government has escalated its efforts to combat the illicit trade in response to concerning resurgence of illicit substances and brews in Wajir County.

Wajir County Commissioner (CC), Karuku Ngumo, announced that stringent measures are being implemented, to curb the trafficking and consumption of narcotics and illicit alcohol.

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Ngumo highlighted that the influx of drugs into the region, primarily occurs through porous borders, necessitating collaborative efforts with officials from neighbouring countries.

He said that the Multi-agency security team has been put on high alert, to ensure that those involved in the illicit trade, are brought to book.

The Administrator spoke when he toured Buna Town and met Sub-county security team, including officers from Bute, Korindile, Wajir West, and Hadado, to review the progress made in cracking down on illegal activities.

The CC said drug abuse continues to affect families in the area due to the illicit trade, adding that majority of those addicted were youths.

The County Commissioner commended the efforts made by the authorities in identifying unlicensed chemists, with several already shut down and legal action underway against the offenders.

He urged the authorities to remain vigilant, particularly in monitoring the routes used by merchants trading contraband, especially from the Basil area in Eldas Constituency to Korindile.

Ngumo issued a stern warning to government officers, asserting that they would be held personally accountable for any lapses in combating the illicit trade within their jurisdictions.

He stressed that the government is prepared to take legal action against any officer found compromising the war on narcotics and illicit brews, including instituting criminal proceedings if necessary.

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