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Wajir North MP Ibrahim Saney urges Kenyans to focus on gains from Ruto’s US trip

Wajir North MP Ibrahim Saney.

Wajir North Member of Parliament Ibrahim Saney says Kenyans should judge the recent trip by the President to the United  States based on the gains and not trivialities.

Saney claims the trip has placed Kenyan on the pedestal of great nations and the goodies and partnership inked during the tour will change the face of Kenya for good.

The legislator saying it is a pity that the tour has been sensationalized and reduced to mere talks overshadowing the many good things that came with it.

“What counts is what the President has brought home not how many days he has been away. The President is our ambassador number one followed by all other diplomats,” he said.

Among the benefits that came with the trip according to the MP is the modernisation  of Kenya national police service,  the  renegotiation of the Nairobi – Mombasa expressway  among others which he said will change the country.

The MP is appealing to the president to allow some of the goodies to flow to northern Kenya a region he said is yet to fully realise the fruits of modern Kenya.

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