Wajir residents and leaders decry withdrawal of Cuban doctors

Wajir County Al-Fatah peace committee and the council of elders have called on leaders in Mandera, Wajir and Garissa counties to join in efforts to rescue the abducted Cuban doctors.

This comes as patients seeking specialized treatment in the five counties where the doctors were pulled out owing to insecurity remain stranded at the facilities.

The Government recalled all Cuban doctors stationed in Isiolo, Lamu, Tana River, Wajir and Garissa owing to security concerns following the abduction of two Cuban doctors in Mandera County.

The move appears to have hampered health services delivery in the 5 counties with Patients at Mandera County referral Hospital and neighbouring counties scheduled to receive special   surgical operation stranded.

This comes as Wajir County AL-fatah peace Committee and the Council of elders are urged local leaders from the region to support the search for the two Cuban doctors.

The elders led by AL-fatah peace Committee Chair Mohamed Hassan said there is a need for the locals and the government to come up with an alternative   approach in searching for the two Cuban doctors.

They say communities residing    along the Kenya-Somalia border such as EL-wake Bulla Hawa and Garlery should be   tasked with leading in the search of the foreign doctors.

They also urged the Somalia government to aid in rescuing the doctors.







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