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We must make bold choices, says Ruto on Finance Bill

President William Ruto on Wednesday made a strong case for the proposed Finance Bill 2023, which is set to be tabled in Parliament next week.

Ruto called for constructive criticism on the bill, stating that proposals such as the housing fund would create millions of jobs for young people in the country.

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“If we feel the pain of the 3 per cent then it’s because we are alive but if we feel the pain of the Seven million Kenyans who live in indignity in slums then we are human beings,” said Ruto

“Although our ideas concerning the means, policies and strategies of achieving this vision may differ we must remain cognisant of line no one should ever cross. Of wishing that this nation fails or that her people suffer just to vindicate our politics,” he added

Ruto spoke during the 20th National Prayer Breakfast which brought together leaders at the national level, MPs and Senators.

The head of state declared that the government will no longer rely on borrowing but will instead focus on increasing revenue collection.

“Our commitment is under test only bold decisions will enable us make the best of this opportunity to unlock the possibilities of the Kenya we all want for ourselves and for our children,” he said

“It is time to be bold and brave. Delay tactics and sabotage are written in the shaky handwriting of cowards. Excuses are the nails used to construct the coffin of failure as procrastination is a thief of time.”

Proposals in the Finance Bill 2023 include mandatory contribution of 3 per cent from every employed Kenyan which will be matched by their employers to enable them to own houses.

However, the proposal has faced extensive criticism from Kenyans complaining of the current high cost of living.

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