West Pokot traders urge County Govt to re-open matatu terminus

The County Government of West Pokot is on the spot over the prolonged closure of Makutano Bus terminus which has made public transport a nightmare.

Traders are also up in arms after the County also closed down stalls over eight months ago forcing them to operate on the streets.

The closure of the only bus terminus in the County has seen public service vehicles forced to operate along the roads and as a result brought confusion and congestion in the town.

According to the traders the County Government gave them eviction orders claiming it intended to renovate the stalls yet 8 months later they remain closed after they were repainted.

Musa Lempak says the closure of the matatu terminus has adversely affected business adding that renovation works are yet to commence.

Musa Tekelezi a trader in Makutano said the County Government should be taken to task for not being sensitive to the needs of its residents and traders.

Tekelezi said it doesn’t make sense to close the over 100 stalls yet they would be generating revenue for the County.

Traders are now forced to operate on the streets where their wares are at risk of theft and damage when it rains.

They have now called on the County Government to reopen the bus park since it has been repainted as well as the stalls to allow them carry out their day to day activities.

County Governor John Lonyangapuo however explained that the County Government had renovated the stalls and business people who are interested will be required to apply afresh.


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