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Western Kenya leaders urge Kenya Kwanza faction to be more flexible

Political leaders from Western Kenya have come together to implore members of parliament affiliated with Kenya Kwanza to adopt a more flexible stance in order to facilitate ongoing negotiations between the government and the opposition. 

The leaders emphasized the importance of dialogue and compromise to resolve the current political situation in the country.

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Speaking at an event held in Lugari Constituency, Kakamega Governor Fernandes Barasa took a stand for productive discussions between the government and opposition, urging MPs aligned with the ruling party, United Democratic Alliance (UDA), to refrain from obstructing the talks.

Governor Barasa stressed the significance of these negotiations in addressing pressing national issues and promoting a harmonious political climate.

On his part, Deputy Governor Ayub Savula echoed Governor Barasa’s sentiments calling upon President William Ruto to rise above hardline factions within his party and champion a spirit of cooperation.

Savula highlighted the potential benefits of engaging in dialogue, emphasizing that a willingness to negotiate could lead to viable solutions for the challenges facing the nation.

The event also saw the presence of Lugari Member of Parliament Nabii Nabwera who reaffirmed the collective sentiment.

Nabwera stressed the necessity for all stakeholders to set aside their differences and prioritize the welfare of the nation.

He also underlined that fostering an atmosphere of understanding and collaboration would pave the way for meaningful progress.


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