Here’s what we learned about Menstrual Hygiene today


Menstrual Hygiene day is celebrated every year on May 28th. It is a day dedicated to learning about the importance of good menstruation hygiene management. This year’s theme came as no surprise to anyone seeing as the whole world is dealing with a pandemic. Dubbed “Periods in a pandemic”, this year’s theme chose to highlight how the difficulties faced during menstruation have worsened during the pandemic.

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Here are a few lessons to take away from 2020’s Menstrual Hygiene Day

  1. The Government of Kenya has launched a period policy

The Ministry of Health has launched the Menstrual Hygiene Policy and Strategy 2019-2024. This policy is meant to create an enabling environment for the implementation of menstrual hygiene and management interventions in Kenya.

2. Periods don’t stop for pandemics

It might be obvious but it might as well be said.

3. Supplies should be considered essential

Before the pandemic, it was hard for some to access the required products but COVID has worsened an already bad situation.


4. Period poverty is a barrier for many women

Period Poverty is being unable to work or go to school because of a lack of sanitary products and the lack of funds.

5. You can help end period poverty

6. That despite is being 2020, there still exists stigma surrounding menstruation


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