What to watch: ‘Obama: In Pursuit of a More Perfect Union’

The documentary was timed to air before, during and after Obama’s 60th birthday.

Obama: In Pursuit of a More Perfect Union is a three-part documentary about America’s 44th president Barack Obama. The HBO Max production seeks to be the definitive chronicle of Obama’s life and presidency.

Divided into three parts, the documentary began airing on August 3rd and will end today, August 5th. Weaving together conversations with colleagues, friends and critics, and interspersed with his own speeches and news interviews, the series begins with Obama’s childhood and takes us through his perspective as the son of a white mother from Kansas and a Kenyan father, his spiritual formation by a generation of Black leaders, and his hopes for a more inclusive America.

Barack Obama was America’s first black president, a moment in history that was celebrated worldwide. In Kenya, his election was so momentous that then-President Mwai Kibaki decreed it a public holiday.

However, with the clarity of hindsight, Obama’s presidency also exposed the ever-present need to address America’s deeply entrenched challenges around race, racial justice and history.


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