When will Apple unveil the new MacBook Pro?

By Mashable

Word on the street is that Apple may unveil its new MacBook Pros at the end of October.

That comes from 9to5Mac, which looks at past history as well as a “sketchy” rumor from The Apple Post about an Oct. 24 event, to conclude that the week before Halloween is when Apple will unveil the new laptops.

As for what the new MacBooks will be like, we may get more clues as early as next week. According to MacRumors, the new machines will launch alongside an update to macOS Sierra, version 10.12.1. But the beta version of that update could launch next week, the report suggests.

The last update to the MacBook Pro was in March 2015, so it’s arguably long overdue for a revamp. The new version is said to replace the row of function keys with a touchscreen strip of virtual keys that will change depending on the app the user is interacting with. TouchID, the fingerprint sensor from the iPhone, is another rumored feature, and it could be built into the power button. One report suggested the new MacBook Pro will have no less than four USB-C ports.

Although Apple may be dropping the SD card slot on the new machines, it looks like the headphone jack is safe, at least this time around. Phew.


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