Why you should trim your hair more often

Trimming your hair could be key to its health

Many people shy away from cutting and trimming their hair because to them length is everything. But when it comes to hair, the quality is more important than the length. There is also this myth that trimming your hair leads to it growing faster but that’s not particularly true. Getting a trim is more about maintaining its health. When you trim, what you essentially do is cut off the ends and strands that have been damaged over time due to handling and processing. You cut off the split ends and old damaged bits.

Healthy hair should be trimmed every 8 to 12 weeks by cutting off half an inch. It’s fine to wait more than 12 weeks as long as you look out for split ends.


Here are the key benefits to getting a trim.

Get rid of split ends.

A split end is a strand of hair that divides into two, making the hair weaker and shabby-looking. There is no way to fix split ends, so the only resolution is to cut them off. If not cut, they travel up the strand causing even more damage.

Get rid of heat damage.

The biggest damage to natural hair is caused by heat; we’re talking straighteners and blow-driers. There is no way to repair heat-damaged hair other than to cut it. Instead of chopping it all off at one (that’s scary for most), trim a bit off every month till it gets healthy again.

Reduce frizz

Frizz happens a lot when you wear a scarf or hat often. Regular trimming will help control frizz.

Splits Happen: 5 Tips to Prevent Split Ends on Natural Hair — Cubicles &  Curls

Make styling easy

Styling damaged hair is complex since you’re working with two different hair textures. Plus you want the aesthetic of your hair needs to be seamless.

Makes your hair looks thicker

For the most part, thick hair is healthy hair.

Easier to detangle

Detangling natural hair is tiring enough without adding the complexity of damaged hair. Avoid major breakage by having it trimmed regularly.


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