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WOK awards to honour entrepreneurship trailblazers

The WoK Gala Awards 2023 celebrates Entrepreneurs, CEOs and Innovators

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The inaugural edition of the WOK (Who Owns Kenya) Awards 2023 will be held in December.

The awards aim to recognize exceptional achievements from businesses in various industries.

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According to organizers, WOK will focus on groundbreaking startups that challenge the status quo, established conglomerates that have shaped industries and outstanding philanthropists dedicated to improving lives to environmental stewards committed to sustainability.

WOK award seeks to inspire and encourage innovators while providing a platform for networking, collaboration and knowledge-sharing by uniting visionaries, investors and influencers.

“The event provides a unique platform for networking, collaboration, and knowledge-sharing. It brings together visionaries, investors, influencers, and industry leaders under one roof, fostering an environment where ideas can flourish, partnerships can form, and progress can be accelerated”  the organisers said in a statement.

The awards also seek to highlight Kenya as a top investment destination in Africa suitable for startups due to its diversity in the social and economic spheres.

WOK will unlock the untapped potential that will shape the present and future of Kenya, especially for startups in agri-tech, fintech, and e-commerce.

It will also create an avenue for investors to connect with innovators thus leading to the growth and scaling of impactful projects.

The WOK awards categories include among others Banking Excellence Award of the Year, Best E-commerce Platform, Business Leader of the Decade, CEO of the Year, Entrepreneur of the Year, and Healthcare Provider of the Year.

The registration period closes next week September 30th.

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