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Worldcoin denies mining Kenyans’ data for profits

Worldcoin has denied mining data from unsuspecting Kenyans for selfish gains.

Appearing before the National Assembly Adhoc Committee Worldcoin CEO Alex Blania said that the iris biometrics were obtained using a fraud-resistant approach that also preserves privacy.

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“Yes, it is true that we are not registered in Kenya because the website of the data protection is not clear on data controlling companies and yes we can confirm that we are no seeking to harvest data from Kenyans,” said Blania.

Data Commissioner Immaculate Kassait moved to revoke a registration certificate the State Law Office said was issued irregularly.

However, the CEO revealed that they have been in partnership with various institutions in the country and has been conducting iris scans in Kenya since 2021.

The software company is embroiled in controversy after claims e,merged that some Kenyans who had their eyeballs scanned are experiencing sight challenges.

Some of the witnesses who testified Committee claimed that they were shortchanged in the deal and did not receive the Ksh7,000 that had been promised to them but were instead given Ksh2,000.

Report by Gladys Mungai.

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