You can even deploy G4S, Ruto tells State amid changes to his security

Deputy President William Ruto now says he has no problem with the recent move by the state to change the security personnel manning his residence.

In fact, the country’s second in command believes this is ‘a small matter’ which should not keep the country in a state of quarrel.

“This issue of GSU and AP is a small matter. Please, let’s not waste time discussing whether they should deploy GSU or AP in my residence.” He said

Speaking during a church service in Nakuru, Ruto said he was only one person in a population of 47 million and that issues affecting the majority of Kenyans should take priority, as opposed to a matter revolving around his security.

He insists that he is comfortable if the state deems it fit to deploy a different unit of the police to guard his premises. He even sarcastically claimed that he was open to having private security guards sent to offer him protection.

“I have no problem if the AP officers are deployed to guard my residence. If there is an assignment that requires the deployment of GSU so that other Kenyans can get security, such as those that are being disrupted by cattle rustlers, or other criminals, then GSU can go and help them, the AP can be of assistance in my residence.” He said

“And should there was another assignment that requires the AP, then they can as well deploy G4S, and I have no problem at all.” He added

According to the DP, the issue of security attached to him, his residence, and his office is the last thing on his mind and does not bother him as much at the moment compared to the plight of many Kenyans who are struggling to make ends meet.

“Let’s stop this politics of discussing leaders and their statuses. They are small matters that do alleviate the challenges we face in Kenya.” He remarked


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