Youth storm Kilifi county assembly demanding unveiling of ‘Tufe’ party

Drama ensued at the Kilifi county assembly in Malindi after a group of youth attempted to storm the assembly offices demanding answers as to why the new Coast-based political party ‘Tufe’ had not been unveiled.

The group majority of whom are boda boda operators were repulsed by security officers manning the gates as they forced their way into the assembly bringing business to stand still.

The commotion cut short proceedings forcing members of the county assembly who were inside to come out and address them.

Some of the protestors who were carrying ‘tufe’ which is traditional football made of waste papers made a spectacle as they began playing outside the county offices under the watchful eyes of the public and county assembly security while blaring their bodaboda horns.

Led by Harun Bakari and Ustadh Hussein Mzee, said time has come for the region to have its own vehicle in the national political arena instead of supporting other political parties which has been the trend for decades.

Bakari said as youth from the coast region they have been yearning for a political party of their own that would safeguard the interest of the region.

”If you look for many years we have been renting other people’s houses sometimes we are forced to sleep in the sitting room, veranda in the cold, the party that we have fought for many years has its own base upcountry but not in cost,” he said.

He complained that the coast leaders had been given a raw deal by the ODM party with key positions going to Nyanza region.

They further claimed that the region had been sidelined in State House meetings.

”This time the coast people are no longer blind, they got eyes and are brave, and as the Swahili saying goes when you wake up one who is sleeping you’re the one who is going to sleep,” he said.

The MCAs thanked the youth for raising their concerns and assured them that they would have a meeting with the governor regarding the issue of the party and promised to ensure their wish is fulfilled.

Deputy majority leader of the assembly Sammy Ndago assured that the top leadership id seized of the matter and the dates for the unveiling of the party would be made public soon.

”As you have said we will sit down with our governor, together with MPs and ll other governors supporting the idea of a coalition of cost parties, with us leading from Kilifi so as to come with the coalition,” he said.

Other MCAs who spoke include, Nixon Mramba of Kkuyuni, Sokoni ward’s Gilbert Peru,  John Mwamutsi of Kibrni together with nominated  MCA Victoria Mnyazi.

Mramba said Governor Amson Kingi was committed to unveiling the cost political party at the end of this month.

The coastal region has been mulling the formation of a new political outfit to unite the region ahead of the 2022 polls.

Kilifi Governor Amason Kingi has maintained that said the process is at an advanced stage and that the party could be made public before June.



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